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To set up a Chamber of Commerce in your area you must register with the Investment Promotion Authority under the Associations Incorporation Act. There are small legal fees involved, which would be at your own expense, and approvals can take up to 6 months. You must also have a set of Rules of Association (Constitution).

More detailed information on these procedures is available from the PNGCCI office, and we would be happy to assist with applications, including providing a sample set of Rules.

The Rules should set out the membership criteria, procedures for appointing office bearers and membership fee, meeting procedures and other matters related to the governance of the organization.

It is up to the individual Chambers to structure their own membership fee, which usually depends on number of employees per company or organization.

An Executive Committee (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) needs to be elected, and objectives, values and a code of ethics should be established. Meetings should be held regularly, and do not have to be restricted to the Executive Committee.

A Chamber of Commerce is an association or organization representing businesses of all sizes and all types of activity. This part of a country’s economic activity is often referred to as the “Private Sector”.

The Chamber of Commerce’s job is to protect and promote the interests of the Private Sector in general and especially the interests of its members.

At the International and National level this is done by the Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce & Industry, which is made up of all the Provincial Chambers of Commerce. The President of each Provincial Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Governing Council of the Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

The Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce represents PNG’s private sector at international conferences, seminars, trade missions and exhibitions. It works to promote overseas trade and international investment in Papua New Guinea.

At the National level, PNGCCI provide representation for business people with which the Government can consult, as well as promote, support or oppose legislation or other measures affecting the Papua New Guinea business community.

At the town and province level, Provincial Chamber’s work to promote and protect local businesses. They consult with and cooperate with Provincial Government to ensure that the provincial economy goes ahead with maximum involvement by private enterprise but with full cooperation and assistance from Government. 

In addition the Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce receives frequent enquiries from both local and international investors seeking information and advice on importing, exporting and setting up businesses in Papua New Guinea.

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